Client Testimonials

Client response to Sally's ThetaHealing™ work:

I joined Toastmasters because I had a fear of public speaking and wanted to conquer it.  My reaction when having to speak resulted in body shaking that increased in intensity the longer I tried to speak.  This was followed by an emotional low and then a desire to go to bed and hide.
For my first speech at Toastmaster I took liquid Kava at the maximum dose.  I was supposed to speak for 1minute – I lasted 29 seconds before the shaking got so bad I thought I would fall over and my voice shook to badly to control –I sat down and then tears just flowed and I couldn’t stop them.  The fatigue and emotional low during the rest of the day was very hard to copy with.  My reaction to public speaking was much worse.
I talked with Sally and she suggested a Theta healing – I was unsure of the benefit as could not think of any time I had been forced into a speaking role that could manifest in such a strong negative reaction.
During the Theta session Sally guided me to a time when I was 7 years old in a children hospital ward.  It was not a memory that I thought of at all, in fact had virtually forgotten and would not have thought to credit it with any dramatic effect on me.  But the memory did come back quite strongly and surprisingly clearly.  The dinner that night was liver (I now know it was steamed) but as a child it was just great and limp with funny orange spots/circles on it – I could not eat it!  A nurse got very angry with me for not eating it and I tried but it was truly repulsive (and as a family we did eat liver – just not steamed).  I cannot recall what the nurse said exactly but I know I was really upset and crying.
Sally asked Creator to remove the negative energy left by this nurse, alter it and send it to Creator’s light rather than back to the nurse herself – perhaps she had just had a really bad day.
I wasn’t sure how this related to my speaking but on reflection I remember this nurse being so angry and I was trying to defend myself which made her angrier still.  The other children in the ward were all watching me and as a child I felt they were laughing at me and I started crying.  The nurse left and I hid under the blankets.
As an adult I knew those children would have been nothing but horrified for me and only glad that it was not themselves under attack.  Given the chance they would have wanted to comfort me.
That was on the Tuesday.  On the Thursday I was to do another 1 minute speech.  I was nervous but pictured those children smiling at me and even pictured them holding my hands.  I spoke for 1 minute and 4 seconds – no stutters – made them laugh and though shaking a bit felt only elation and excitement!
I truly recommend Theta healing.  For me I had an event in my childhood that had a profound effect on me that continued into adulthood.  Without Theta, and Sally, to reveal this to me – no amount of Kava or anything else would have moved me on to be able to do public speaking when necessary.  I am amazed and grateful.
Gillian Miller, Kerikeri

I went to Sally's Theta healing™ course, and the results were far beyond what I had expected.  Sally is a gifted teacher and healer who has the ability to uncover past issues which are often buried so deeply you are unaware of them.
The outcome from working with Sally was that after being a nail biter (horrible I know) for as long as I can remember, 30+ years,  I finally stopped biting my nails.  This was not like the previous attempts, in which I would struggle for about a week not to bite my nails, while the entire time being focused on them, and then end up biting them again.  After working with Sally and completing the course, It was a few weeks later that I realised I was no longer nibbling my nails, and I hadn't even been thinking about them.  It was amazing when I actually had to start trimming them.  Months later and I can happily say I continue to enjoy nice looking nails, and can even wear nail polish.
This was not the only benefit of the course however, I learnt so many useful tools which I now use regularly to help family and friends.  Instant healings are brilliant for yourself if you are not feeling well, and also on children if they are hurt.  Sometimes these are so amazing, it almost seems unbelievable, but the gift is there and available for anyone to use, and if you have the opportunity to work with Sally for a healing, or on the Theta Healing Course I would highly recommend it. 
Adelle McNeice

Thanks for the most amazing course. I loved it. I just got back from Whangarei and had to share this with you. Part of my last assessments were to co-facilitate a family group conference for 20 minutes in front of the class. Normally I would hve been a nervous mess and struggled through it. My friend who I was working with was furious, she couldn't understand why I wasn't a bundle of nerves. When in your class and we were manifesting, I asked and visualized that I presented an amazing presentation and got good marks. I breezed through my presentation with one very slight attack of the nerves and although I don't have my mark back yet, I was told by the tutor I did fabulously.
Thank you creator is all I can say and thank you for awakening my eyes to it.

Some client responses over the 12+ years as a Bowtech Therapist:

"Bowen corrected my knee problem. I cancelled my planned $3,000 knee operation. For 20 years I suffered from regular migraines. I have not had a migraine for 15 months." (Norrie)

"I cannot believe a few silly moves have fixed my back." (Four years of back problems and tried several modalities.) (Rob)

"After one treatment I could touch my toes for the first time in 18 years." (B.L.H.)

"Best back treatment I have ever had." (Randall)

"I had headaches everyday for 28years I haven't had a headache in months! Also my hip pain has completely done." (Margaret)

"I have made big improvements with my health. I feel wonderful." (Karen)

"Sally, these are magic moves." (James at 5 years old) (Respiratory problem)

"Thanks to natural therapies Ryan recovered amazingly after surgery. Stayed in hospital overnight instead of planned week." (Used homeobotanicals, flower essences and bowtech) (June)

"Feel better all over. Sleeping well again. Pain free." (Lynne)

"A drug free, painless affordable treatment that works! Corrected my neck and back problems where all other methods failed me." (Val)

"After one treatment my sciatic pain went. I am sleeping the best in years." (May)

"First time in 20 years my back felt free and strong." (L.L.)

"30 years I suffered serious migraines. After Bowtech Bowen treatment I found considerable improvement. I no longer take prescribed medicine. Migraine free for over 12 months." (Christine)

"Only therapy that has made a difference to me." (Sheroll)