Bowen Therapy


Bowen Therapy is a gentle, effective, non-invasive muscle and connective tissue therapy that re-sets the body to heal itself, giving an optimum long term solution for maintaining good health.


Simply stated, Bowen Therapy allows the body to reset and heal itself. The work consists of a series of gently rolling, connective tissue moves. There are frequent important pauses between these moves which give the body time to benefit from each set. By combining moves, both in placement and in combination, the practitioner is able to address the body as a whole, or target a specific problem. A unique tool of the Bowen practitioner is 'tissue tension sense', meaning that the practitioner is able to discern stress build-up in muscle groups and then utilise Bowen moves to release that stress.


Bowen therapy aims to balance and stimulate energy flows, frequently resulting in a deep sense of overall relaxation. The restorative process begins once the body is relaxed, and continues as the body allows. Healing seems to occur by affecting the body's autonomic nervous system, which creates homeostasis at the cellular level. (Taken from


- will generally feel very relaxed
- may fall asleep during treatment.
Following treatment:
- you may experience tiredness, frequent urination, shifting muscularskeletal discomfort very briefly. Being well hydrated before and after treatment will help avoid this. Therefore drink plenty of quality water. Expect to be in less pain or discomfort, have increase of energy levels, better digestion. Negative emotions eg anger, grief, anxiety may be less.


After one treatment there isnoticeable, if not total, relief. Generally only 2-3 treatments are needed. Long standing or chronic conditions may take more sessions.












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